Leaders Thriving Forward

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Welcome to the Leaders Thriving Forward Course.

Don’t let pandemic stop you from accomplishing your God assignment. We weren’t meant to survive the season we are divinely designed to THRIVE. Join this 6 session course on leadership that Thrives Forward


Session IV: Ministry On A Blank Slate

Length: 52 minutesAuthor: Dwight Riddick

Session 4 – Ministry On A Blank Slate Blank Slate Ministry allows us to reimagine and recreate effective ministry methods. Tradition and history both have their place however we want…

Session V: Best vs Better

Length: 58 minutesAuthor: Dwight Riddick

Session 5 –  Best vs Better What do you do when better is not enough? We will explore how to create the best ministry strategies for where you are who…

Session VI: The Great Commission

Author: Dwight Riddick

Session 6 – The Great Commission Everything we do, say, and develop should be centered around Salvation through the Blood of Jesus Christ. We must understand collectively that the angle…